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The leader has been beheaded!

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  • The leader has been beheaded!

    Of course it appears that the Kim family is unlikely to disappear from Korea DPR's political life any time soon. Sure, China can just invade the little country and re-educate the native population, but that would be rather costly not just in terms of money and manpower, but also in terms of retarding economic development in the PRC's northeastern provinces, since foreign investment won't be forthcoming. (Perhaps in that case, industry in the Chinese northeast should be converted to wartime production and military installations in the region fortified?) As well, Japan, Russia, and the US would have an unwelcome interest in this next Korean conflict, were it to happen.

    Now, let's imagine that China or another country does invade Korea DPR and captures Kim Jong Un or whichever scion of the Eternal President's family is in power at the time. After a quick trial, the ex-leader is beheaded and the head placed on public display for 12 months. Would this break the power and influence of the Kims, or would it only incite a loyalist insurgency that the invading forces would have to handle, most likely in a brutal fashion and requiring measures imposing second-class citizenship on the local population? Such an approach would seem to be straight out of Genghis Khan's playbook, but what should one do about a local population hell-bent on restoring the former government and expelling the invaders, regardless of what geopolitical reasons the invader might have for being there?

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    If there is a thread that has already covered an invasion of North Korea scenario and its possible aftermath, I'll go there.

    I found this article that suggests Kim Jong Un, in search of ideas to raise his country to prominence on the world stage, is studying the rise of Hitler's Germany following the 1919 Treaty of Versailles.

    North Korea looks towards Hitler and the Third Reich - New Focus International

    As well, according to this article, from the same source as the above, there are indications that as of late North Koreans have a slightly lessened interest in the Kim cult of personality - even though it still runs strong and not many dare to criticize it openly in the DPRK.

    North Koreans Losing Interest In Cult Of Kim? - New Focus International
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