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What if: Roman legions vs medieval European army

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    Originally posted by barracudabq View Post
    Medieval army would take the win probably. It's all about the cavalry. A group of Norman mounted soldiers (with stirrups, which were non-existent to the Romans, by the way) would be able to push their way through the Legionaries. But that's only in a coordinated cav attack. Anything else and the Romans have got it. Also that's purely tactical. On the operational/strategic level I give it to the Legions.
    B, if you read the whole thread I think you'll see the technological advantages of at least High and Late period medieval armies were acknowledged. The point being it depended on whether or not you were dealing with Romans who had the chance to adopt those aspects of medieval war technology e.g. stirrups, war horses, fortifications, arms and armor etc that they found useful. If not then the point you raise is certainly valid, if they do???
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      A lot of what I am reading is that your basic 2nd Century Roman Soldier/Commander outcompete virtually everything in Europe up until essentially modern times, and the Europeans need huge technological advanages to bridge that gap....especially since the Romans are quite resourceful and can improvise tactics and strategies against even technologically superior foes.

      So even if you time-warp an Imperial Army into 1200s-1400s Europe, they still have a fair chance of winning.

      Someone can correct me if I am reading wrong....

      WRT Roman Collapse: Combinations of factors always come into play when you're talking about a major civilization lasting 1,000 years. The Third Century Crisis killed whatever economic dynamism did exist and started the separation that would end the West, which comes from a political system essentially started by Caesar, which is the end-stage of a political crisis that existed since Cincinnatus and turbo-charged with the Gracchi Bros.
      Also the foes Rome faced in the 4th and 5th centuries were a hell of a lot more lethal than the ones they faced n the 1st and 2nd century. You might as well compare Stalin's Russia to Peter the Great's Russia and wonder why Poland had such a harder time with the former.
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