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What if the English failed in defeating New France??

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  • What if the English failed in defeating New France??

    Just imagine if King Lois XV put more of an effort into colonization, and defending New France. Say that during the Seven years war, that the English failed to capture New France.

    Firstly, The US revolution would have been interesting. Perhaps the British would have given the colonies to the Americans in exchange for helping them eliminate New France?

    Secondly, perhaps Canada as a independent country down the road would have been called the dominion of Quebec!! And Celine Dion would be our president right now!

    Jokes aside, I think that this would have made for an interesting alternate universe!

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    You raise a valid point. I am of the belief that most of the colonists were sort of like extras. Top of their class but born into subjection to the original rulers of their corresponding countries. Because the American colonies were diverse with English, Dutch, Swedish and more I personally feel that the rulers of England at the time already saw the breakaway coming but weren't intent on relinquishing their power so soon (see Australia). If the colonies were made purely of English settlers I could see a Britain becoming much more hostile at retaining them. But the politics of the time stretched the British Empire more than modern people realize. It took 2 to 4 months to cross the Atlantic, there was no electrical technology, the Elizabethan age of thinking and acting was still in effect. It was a different world then. Had they foresaw the coming industrial revolutions they might have put more effort into retention. Compared to many wars 25,000 casualties really was a knick in the sack. If it were bloodier and longer then you'd say that the breakaway was a huge milestone, but really, the colonies were already managing themselves with some royal stamp to swing in at the end and officialize it.

    What about france and quebec? Well, thats where the Louis' were throwing all their communists but alas there were too many commies and they suffocated to death.
    Hit the grape lethally.