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What if? The US entered WWI on the side of the Central Powers

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  • Something I ran onto today wrt to T-model debate

    Six squadrons of Rolls-Royces with 12 cars in each were formed in WWI. One going to France, another to Africa, and 2 others to Gallipoli.

    Lawrence of Arabia used one of those squadrons against Turkish forces. They were such a good force that he developed a great respect for them. Years later when asked what he valued most, he answered that his own Rolls-Royce with tires and gas to last a lifetime would be it. He considered the cars to be "more valuable than rubies" in helping him win the battle.

    In 1915 the squadron of Rolls-Royces were disbanded and the material given to the Army to make Light Armored Motor Batteries. The cars didnít handle well in the mud at all.
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    • Originally posted by Doktor View Post
      Besides for gas masks and tyres, what other usage it had in WWI?
      No rubber means only leather seals and o-rings, no rubber tires- steel or wooden only, no gas masks, less ability to waterproof certain things...

      Rubber is a/was a major war time resource


      • Originally posted by zraver View Post
        No rubber means o no gas masks,
        Except for the British box mask, Gas mask in WW1 were either made of leather,canvas or fabric impregnated with neutralizing chemicals.

        The British mask uses a light rubber coated canvas and a rubber hose to the canister.
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