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Nixon Administration during Cuban Missile Crisis

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  • Nixon Administration during Cuban Missile Crisis

    Apologies if this has been previously discussed. But I've always wondered how the Cuban Missile Crisis wpuld have played out if Nixon had won the 1960 election. He was a notorious hawk on Communism.

    Would he have attacked or invaded Cuba to get rid of the sites and get rid of Castro?

    Would the Soviets then retaliate on West Berlin/West Germany?

    Would WW3 happened because of it?

    Or would he have followed a similar course to Kennedy and get the missiles removed in exchange for missiles in Turkey?

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    Should be interesting as Nixon here would be without Kissinger.

    Now, have I not read that there were also tactical nuclear weapons in Cuba at the time and that the Soviet General had a free hand in their use if needed?


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      From my understanding the Soviets had deployed frogs and given their local battlefield commanders discretion but I could be wrong.

      From what I understand, the Joint Chiefs tried working Kennedy to hit them with air strikes and then launch a follow up invasion to prevent it from ever happening again. I don’t see how they could ensure hitting all of them though, plus the longer range missile sites at the same time.


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        The Bay of Pigs needs to be taken into account.
        If RMN had backed airstrikes, as JFK did not, would that have led to a prolonged conflict that might have interrupted Moscow's plans for missile bases in Cuba?
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