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Quick stories of the soldiers of my family that served in Vietnam, WW2 and Obamastan.

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  • Quick stories of the soldiers of my family that served in Vietnam, WW2 and Obamastan.

    I don't got all the information but for histories' sake I would like to record those memories here as they were told to me.

    In WW2, my grandma's final husband was sent to Hawaii following the strike against Pearl Harbor. Hes pretty much the only grandpa I know and although he isn't blood related hes the only man I remember being with my grandma. Rest in peace to both of them.

    His son, my uncle, has served in the Navy as a Commissioned Officer since the early 1980s. Since I havent seen him since 2002 or so I dont know if he is still serving. He actually appeared in the Pearl Harbor movie as an extra around the last time I saw him. Probably the highest ranked military member of my family and in-laws.

    I have two uncles that served in Vietnam. One uncle was stationed on a submarine that never landed for about 6 months if I remember correctly. He is an authentic hippy and has a lot to say about that era and the military and his experiences. My other uncle, whom died last year, served as a Marine stationed in Vietnam. I was Googling his name a few years ago and found this dedication page on Facebook where soldiers were posting photos of their Vietnam combat zone drops and walking into the glades or swamp or whatever its called. One of these pictures had a young man not more than 18 looking into the camera and my uncles name was in the caption and he even looked like him. I was surprised and thought it was him. So I called him up and asked him about it but he denied that he actually entered combat. So, I dont know, what an odd experience. Rest in peace, uncle.

    I have a lot of family members and in-laws who served in the military, most of whom weren't stationed in a war zone. My sister however was one of those few that entered combat in the middle east. She toured that combat zone for whole year and had survived some intense combat. My cousins husband served in Desert Storm under nearly identicle circumstances.

    One of my ancestors was a fur trapper in the 1700s and 1800s throughout the N. American wilderness and he may have participated in one of the wars of the time between the colonies and the old world but family memory gets awful hazy before about 1880 as far as first hand accounts.

    Just thought I would share that and say bring 'em home alive!
    Hit the grape lethally.