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    Originally posted by Double Edge View Post
    Ambition might be sky high but without the capabilities, no top leader is going to take as monumental a risk as this without some thing. The element of surprise helps at the beginning but it takes much more to sustain the momentum. Does he really believe he can outdo the Israelis at their own game.
    You're putting way too much credit in Sadat. His army 4 times more prepared than the last war Egypt fought and he has a 2 front war with Syria in the north. Military expertise is not something the Arabs can boast about and notice that the Israelis have been mighty silent about being the best military on earth after the Kuwait War.

    Bottom line: Sadat had the confidence in the military objectives when he started the war.
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      Originally posted by Double Edge View Post
      How to explain starting the war then. He's got people ready & willing. he knows his odds are not that great.
      A limited war to strengthen his position in whatever ways possible.

      war is means to achieve political a strong military position first in a limited campaign and then a combination of external/internal pressure on Israel to return remaining occupied
      lands for peace.

      US is play a major role as a chief ally of Israel ofcourse but not the sole criterion.

      they basically wanted Sinai back..

      The best military position would be one or the two of the strategic passes giddy and mitla in Egyptian hands and the Golan plateau in syrain hands and after establishing a defensive line within Sinai, they would hang on till ceasefire is enforced. Then the superpowers and internal politics were supposed to come in suggesting return of lands for peace.

      That he can declare 'victory' with some good battlefield performnaces and losses inflicted on Israel were other benefits.(albeit replenished by US help over 22000 tons)

      What gave him the confidence to start that war.
      Honest appraisal of the 1967 war,effective corrective actions, change in command, intense training and unexpectedly successful deception.