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The Korean War marine who single handedly drove back a Chinese assault

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  • The Korean War marine who single handedly drove back a Chinese assault

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      impressive as hell, although i'm surprised the chinese fell for his rather heavily accented mandarin...

      moreover i'm sure there were plenty of harrowing moments for Lt Li even from his own side. it'd take one twitchy private thinking "infiltrator!" and there'd be a nasty "friendly" fire incident.
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        A cool dude , in the UK we honour a similar achievement by those small very big MEN

        The Escapist : Forums : Off-topic Discussion : Gurkha single-handedly fought off 30 Taliban fighters

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          Major Kurt Chew-een Lee, Asian-American Marines trailblazer dies at 88 -

          God Bless, Sir.


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            Navy Cross, Silver Star, Marine Commendation Medal for Valor, 2 Purple Hearts, 3 Presidential Unit Citations, 3 campaigns in Korea and 3 campaigns in Viet Nam.

            HUGE brass ones.

            I hope his case is one fo the ones being reconsidered for upgrade to Medal of Honor.

            RIP, Sir.

            You were a hell of a Marine.
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