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Etnic clinsing in Slovenia 1991

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  • Etnic clinsing in Slovenia 1991

    You probably do not know that firs side to comit etnic cleansing were not Serbs or croats or Bosnians but Slovenians. After they declared independence of Slovenia on 25.juna 1991 , Slovenian government made decision to displace and trow out of slovenia all non slovenians in as much as two days, they forced children from school to go by them selves to the border with serbia , they didn't alowed alowed parents to take children from school. All etnic clinsing in Slovenia was well organised, their army didn't kill civilains. After 7 days they menagd to force out by power 98% of minorities.

    Of course regart to properties of people that were forced out, those properties were taken and eclared Slovenian properti, those forced out were alowed to take only basic thinks.

    TELL ME NOW THAT Yusoslavian National Army war wrong to move in????
    TEL ME NOW THAT Milosevic didn't have right to atack Slovenia???
    TELL ME THAT you would sit down and watch etnic clinsing???

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    One story from Slovenia that show us E.U human rights

    Story is about Mr. Aleksandar Todorovic who seteled slovenia 20 years ago, when he merried Slovenin woman , so some how he avoid been forced out during etnic cleansing. But when 1993 their doughter was borned he went to register as father and make all papers, he was told that he is as NON SLOVENIAN cleared out of all registres and that NON SLOVENIANS IN SLOVENIA does not have rights to be parents of children born in Slovenia.

    But you know Slovenia is in E.U and members E.U does not have to care about human right and can make etnic clinsing and break human right convention.

    Of course if your country is out of E.U than they would bomb hell out of you if you break human rights.


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      Slovenia has two minorities - Italian and Hungarian. They stil live here, nobody forced them out.

      The only ones who were forced out were the soldiers from the YNA. Even their families could stay and some did. Nobody forced them out, but a lot of these people went out of Slovenia, becouse they suddenly were without jobs (military) and they did not want to learn Slovenian language, becouse they only know to speak serbocroatian.

      Everybody living LEGALY in Slovenia on the date 25.6.1991 could claim for Slovenian citizenship. There is 35.000 Serbs and 90.000 Bosnians stil living in Slovenia.

      In Slovenia You can not have two citizenships, so the people who did not want to accept Slovenian citizenships are automaticly forigeners.

      Those three questions in the botom of your post are indeed stupid. We were independent state at the time of agresion, we could be Italy or Austria for that matter. Why would Milosevis attack Slovenia "becouse of the customs money" this is his answer. I agree ethnic cleaning should be punished.

      about the dother and the father story
      if he came from Mars he can be her father. He has a citizenships of some other republic of former Yugoslavia. It is his own mistake. He can stil get Slovenian citizenships, but I think he has national problems in his head.

      When became clearly that Slovenia will be in EU by the end of the year 2004 a lot of people from former YU began to seek for Slovenian pasport .... to late!
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        Can you please provide some reliable sources (links) on this issue? I don't know enough about it to make educated replies. Thanks.


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          Originally posted by Rudolphuss
          Can you please provide some reliable sources (links) on this issue? I don't know enough about it to make educated replies. Thanks.

          Here is some numbers from 1991 (before war) to 2002:

          You can see there was no etnic cleansing. There is less Croats, Yugoslavians and Serbs on the other side there is more Bosniacs, Bosnians and Muslems. There is even less Slovenians.