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Truth about history and balkan wars 1991-1995 1997-1999

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  • Truth about history and balkan wars 1991-1995 1997-1999

    Let us start little in the past, as you know Kosovo is heart of Serbia, there are all the olders Serb churches from 10th and 11th century. Kosovo is the only evidence that serbs as the people exists. To give independence of Kosovo would be the same as to give Albanians legal rights to destroy all those churches because then thay would officaly belong to Albanian teritory.

    Serba was under otoman empire occupation between 1389-1815, actually not otomans but Almanians and Bosniaks ruled Serbia. Many serbs were killed, burned alive on stake, tortured......

    During WW I Albanians were organised in "Balije" or 'Balisti" organisation that have the aim to cut troath of all serbs in Kosovo, those Serb civilians who did not make it to join other refuges and to run finished under albanian knife or were killed in some most brutal ways.

    Druring WW II Albanians did the same think. Croats made deal with germany, they will give croatian teritory to germans to use and they will alowed them to exterminate Serbs in Croatia. During WWII only in concentration camp of Jasenovac about 700 000 Serbs were killed, not in gas chambers, not by bulets, but with most brutal methods where troath slit was too good way to go, children were burned alive. It was recorded that german SS soliders were not able to stand and watch and that SS oficers asked Hitler to disarm croats. Beside Jasenovac tens of thousands of Serbs were burned alive in the churches, croats force them to enter the church, than close the cursh and burn them alive.
    For all those killed Serbs no one have never been found guillty, leader Ante Pavelic leaved in Italy and he was killed by serbe revengers.

    How this all have efect of war 1991-1995?

    Let's start with croatia:

    I 1990 police recorded Croats so called USTASE making records of all serbs in Croatia to decide who of Serbs will be deported out, who will be crusified and who's troath will be slit or head cut off. In 1991 croat parlament called serbs minority in Croatia and thake them right, PRITTY SAME SCENARIA AS IN WW II.
    A little agter that 20 serbs were killed by troath cuting and few serbian womans raped. That made serbs to organise, and to do what they did not do during WW II. To organise and protect their lifes. From THE RECORDED SPEACH of two hight Croat officials it become CLEAR AS CLEAR DAY that Croats are about to finish the job from World War II.


    In 1991 as I recall , Bosniaks and Croats in Bosnian parlament push out Serbs of the parlament, and change constitution calling Serbs minority and taking away from serbs right to be constitutionaly nationof Bosna and Hercegovina, so after that in stad of 3 constitutionaly nations we had only 2 Croats and Bosnians, and Serbs were taken even human rights. Than after thay pushe serbs out Croats and Bosniaks voted independence for Bosnia.

    For the next part it will be good to know something about organisation of army in ex. Yugoslavia. Every man older than 18 had to serve in the army , and not in his village or city but in other places.

    When Bosnia declared independence , few thousands young soldiers from Macedonia, Serbia, Montenegro found them selves in Bosnia, they start servin their time in Army few month ago and in meentime Bosnia declare independence.
    Oficcials of tha Army tried to pul those young soldiers out and give independence to Bosnia. But new Islamic Bosnian army think diferent, they are unbelievers, non muslims and they have to died. They usially massacred them during they atampt to live Bosnia, in every cases YU Army reached agreement with Bosnian Army that they are going to let regruts to go home alive and that regruts will left all army behing even hand guns.

    The best known masacre in Masacre in Tuzla in 1992 when 270 soldiers between 18-22 years old were by word and meens killed in most brutal ways, they were chased all over Tuzla, Bosnia Amrmy cut their ears and let them blead alive, or cut their noses, or cut their heada.

    After masacre in Tuzla and few other masacres it become clear that Islamic Army is not going to let regruts to leave Bosnia, but there they made mistake, they were regruts of 7 th army power in the world Yugoslavian National Army.

    NEXT about Srebrenica in FEW DAYS OF HOURS

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    Ooooo my god I have never heard so much bull in one post obviously you are Serb and you have no clue what you are talking about. So please do me a favor and don't post this bull because it would help us all out if you went and checked your info pal. Tito wanted all the people to mix and last time I checked he didn't allow any Yugoslav country to throw out anybody so your post it bull. Also very funny about how Bosnia had an army since only Serbs were joining the army before 90 and umm somehow we threw you out, very funny man good job getting your info have you been watching Serbian TV too much ? We all did bad things I admit that but no muslims and croats didn't have any alliance for all they hated each other and you started the war and we fought back with poor trained militia and armed ex soldiers.