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Saab Barracuda individual camo net

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  • Saab Barracuda individual camo net

    The company offers lots of camouflage items that look like a crossing of camouflage netting and Ghillie suits.

    2D Photos of camouflage performance are usually carefully staged for maximum effect (background) and don't involve 3D effects, so I'd like to know if anybody has personal experience with this kind of industrial non-natural camouflage equipment.

    link to company webpage

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    Good stuff!

    This 3D camouflage is the best in the world. This is lighter than a ghillie suit. It is camouflaged in the near IR range which is visible to image intensification NVGs. The suit is camoed in the far infrared (thermal) as well, how they do this is a closely guarded secret for example such a suit is considered a "Weapon System" by the US Government and is subject to export restrictions and heavy licencing requirements to own.


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      Thermal/IR imaging is making concealment at night more difficult than ever. It's pretty hard to hide heat, when it is necessary for biology AND for vehicles.

      What is the current state of daytime IR imaging? Are we approaching an era where it might be easier to conceal in daylight rather than night?


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        IMO, it should be right in step with night time imaging, since all that should be required is variation in thermal output/reflectivity. Modern image technology- like Picasa - allows images to be processed to bring out any variation. I have dark pictures that can be fixed now on the PC. How much better are defense systems? Probably significantly better. I wouldn't doubt that a state of the art thermal imager would be able to pick a warm object out of a background day or night.
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