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Modern military questions (reposted from incorrect forum)

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  • Modern military questions (reposted from incorrect forum)

    I realised that my questions about a modern military were... posted in the inappropriate are. This forum works far better. Allow me to repost my questions.

    Originally posted by HoratioNelson View Post
    On another set of forums, I am involved in a modern warfare and geopolitics simulation game. It's set in the modern day, but with an alternative history. The United States have split into two different countries. The Free Atlantic States, comprising the Eastern Seaboard, the Caribbean, Central America and parts of South America. And the Claimed States of California, which runs up the Western Coast, along what was formerly B.C. and into Alaska. There is also the United European States, a successor to the European Union and led primarily by Great Britain. The Far Asian Republics, a communist state, dominates most of East and Central Asia. Finally there is the Islamic States of the Middle East, comprising Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and parts of Palestine united under Sharia Law and a Taliban-style regime.

    My part in this geopolitical simulation is the Federal Canadian Dominion. In 1999, Canada as you know it was invaded by the F.A.S. (Free Atlantic States). The war ended in 2001 by peace treaty, Canada's military shamed by the rapid victories of the F.A.S. forces. Canada was reduced to the provinces of Ontario, Quebec, Manitoba, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Newfoundland and the territory of Nunavat. A new Prime Minister was appointed by the Governor-General, a bold man by the name of Edward Fisher. Fisher reorganised Canada into the Federal Canadian Dominion, instituting Israel-style militarism into the country as well as a stronger central democratic government and more powers to the Prime Minister and Governor-General. Every man and woman is now required to serve one year in the military at some point in their life, and receives basic military training as part of their High School. Relations with the F.A.S. remain sour and it could flare into war at any point.

    Now my questions are how to organise and equip my forces effectively? The army comprises 310,000 soldiers with support personnel. The primary assault rifle is the C7A2 and the main machine gun is the FN MAG. The main battle tank is the Leopard 2A6, supported by Boxer MRAVs, M109 Paladins, ADATS, and M777 howitzers. The Canadian air force flies F-35 Lightning IIs, Eurofighter Typhoons and has some old CF-188 Super Hornets as rear echelon units. For helicopters, it mostly flies AH-64 Apaches and CH-47 Chinooks. On the sea, the Canadian Navy has a single Nimitz-class supercarrier acquired from the C.S.C. I also have built three custom Great Lakes class modern battleships, with a fourth in construction ( :)) and they have proved invaluable to my naval operations, BB nay-sayers). For escorts, the Canadian navy has a Ticonderoga-class variant, Type 45 destroyers, and Leander class frigates from Britain. Underneath the sea, my navy operates Vanguard class SSBNs and Trafalgar class SSNs.

    I'm just wondering if anyone can offer further suggestions on the structuring, equipment, vehicles and warships of my alternate Canada's Army, Navy and Airforce. I'm currently engaged in a war with the I.S.M.E. in Israel. My Great Lakes class BBs are proving very useful, being able to outclass and destroy any I.S.M.E. surface warships, defend itself from submarine threats with a combination of ASROCs and ASW helicopters, and provide accurate and powerful fire support for the ground forces in the form of both modern cruise missiles in high numbers and large-caliber naval guns (fairly advanced 406mm guns :)), with a range of over 200km). The HMCS Lake Superior has been taking a lot of punishment from anti-ship missiles, absorbing it with it's heavy armour belt. So i'm looking for an alternative to RAM launchers and Phalanx CIWS. Any suggestions?

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    Which website? PM me.