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Group of Soviet Forces in Germany

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  • Group of Soviet Forces in Germany

    The basic idea behind this is that I'm creating an Airwolf online text-based RP and I need a villain.

    This first assignment will be set in East Germany and I need to know a bit about the structure of that military force (and the Volksarmee) c. 1985.

    Specifically- who would be in charge of GDR air defence on a day-to-day basis?

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    I've found out that the Air Defence Forces in each military district had their own commander- does anyone know what rank he'd be?

    Who led the Twenty-fourth Air Army? (I'd of course create a fictional character)
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      In case you're still looking for this info...

      The 24th Air Army was renamed (back) to 16th Air Army in 1968. Commander would be a Col. Gen. (three-star general).
      16th Air Army was responsible for stationary air defence (clusters) on GDR territory.

      As for the stationary air defence... there were several dozen "defense clusters" which were apparently typically handled by a regiment. These would be led by a Colonel.

      In the mid-80s, there'd be about two dozen clusters in the GDR. A good tie-in for a "somewhat rogue" unit might be 163rd Air Defense Missile Brigade in the Taucha cluster, one of only two clusters that were not subjugate to 16th Air Army, and the only one defended with both SA-3 and SA-5 in the mid-80s.


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          Who did 163 ADMB answer to?