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Air War in Cambodia (1954-2003)

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  • Air War in Cambodia (1954-2003)

    Air War in Cambodia (1954-2003)

    Me, Tom Cooper and Alberto wrote this some months ago. Its got to be the most factual article you can find online about the wars that have taken place in Cambodia since their independence. Included in it are the border skirmishes between South Vietnam and Cambodia in the late 1950s, the pro Soviet period, the war against the Communists, the Khmer Rouge takeover, the USMC action in 1975, the 1979 Vietnamese invasion, the occupation and the fighting in the 1990s between the new government and the Khmer Rouge faction. Lots of rare pictures and excellent art works. Of course the pictures and art works are copy written by But enjoy Iím sure you all will learn something.

    Here are the links.

    Part 1 (1954-1970)

    Part 2 (1970-1975)

    Part 3 (1975-now)
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