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Most laughably inaccurate war movies ever

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  • Read the whole thread from the beginning.

    There is a secret formula out there: Any movie must contain no more than X quantity of good stuff. X is composed of
    A=acting, A2=accuracy, and S=special effects. When you increase one factor, the others must be downgraded.

    Good example: Think of Tora, Tora, Tora , but with the special effects from Pearl Harbor.
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    • Pearl Harbour: One of the biggest load of shite I've ever seen. Over hyped, over dramatic and the acting...Trying too hard for an Oscar I think. Oh and Ben 'Fukwit' Afleck managed to win the Battle of Britian and the war against the Japanese, or so it seemed. Load of pish!

      U-571: No comment...

      Enemy At The Gate: Had the potential to be an amazing film. But sadly inaccurate. I still like it though.


      • w.r.t Pearl Harbour.... It was Kate Beckinsale, baby.
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        • this oen nicolas cage one. the windtalkers?
          in true hollywood style, nicolas cage runs through the centre of a miniture valley, out in the open, shooting 50 japanese soldiers out of the tall grass on each side of the valley..


          • Originally posted by xinhui View Post
            For kicks, here's a clip from "Sleep With Me," in which Quentin Tarantino explains how "Top Gun" is really a story about a man struggling with his own homosexuality.
            Ever heard of that song "Playing with the boys" in Top Gun?

            If you haven't, listen to it. Pay close attention to the words. Dirty mind is a must.
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