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Iraq attacks Kuwait in 1980?

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    Originally posted by Officer of Engineers View Post
    3 scenarios to which NATO expected

    24-48 hours notice in which the WP attacked from the barracks.

    7-10 days notice in which case, Operation REFORGER would bring all regular units up to full strength

    30-60 days - full reserve mobilization
    In that case it sounds like the Sovs would never be able to get through, cuz there is no way they'd be able to bum rush the rhine in 7-10 days. I'm assuming a non-nuke scenario, something akin to Red Storm Rising. Nuclear would probably make it a lot different, cuz it probably targets troops and equipment choke points and concentration. Also, no one really knows how practical operation in a nuclear environment would have worked, since it would be the first of its kind of fighting.
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