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Museum of WW-2 in Natick, Ma

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  • Museum of WW-2 in Natick, Ma

    Heading to the Museum of WW-2 in Natick, Ma this Saturday. The museum hosts the most comprehensive collection of WW2 artifacts in the world. (or so it is claimed) What really is impressive is the number of original documents, letters, and maps in Kenneth Rendell's collection. I'm looking forward to the visit, hopefully I'll post a few pictures of the more interesting items.

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    Take care and don't get lost there ;)
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      Not a huge place, but if I get lost they have a nice collection of field gear- I'm sure I can set up a little camp until someone finds me. Don't know about the 70 year old K rations though.


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        It's Pissa!
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          It surely is. A large number of artifacts you can get up close to and touch. Many others behind glass, but only inches away. How many Germans in WW2 wished that they could've gotten their hands on these: or these: or these? . They have some vehicles- Sherman E8, jeep, Higgins boat, kubelwagon, but sometimes the small material objects that people in history held and used on a daily basis tell a better story. The things you carried in your pack, the letters you wrote, printed orders or rations. They have a lot of that kind of material. They have Hitler's toilet paper for Cripes sake! Can't get much more personal than that.
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