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WWII Autoloaders in tanks

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  • WWII Autoloaders in tanks

    Did any World War Two tanks use autoloaders for their cannons? I'm specifically thinking about the smaller caliber cannon that some WWII tanks mounted. I know that the larger cannons, such as the American 75, were manually loaded. But WWII aircraft mounted autofiring small caliber cannons, so I was wondering if Vehicles like the Stuart had an autoloader for its 37 mm?

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    I think the aircraft had autoloaders cuz it's kind of hard to reload an aircraft in midflight.
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      Sure. But if you have a fast firing 30mm cannon on an aircraft, why not mount it on a light tank? My question is, did they?


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        There were some vehicles that mounted light auto cannon like 20 and 30mm, there had to be. Never saw one though...

        The 37mm of the P-39(and made famous in the IL-2)would be a helluva support weapon in a medium tank.


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          The Stuart, Grant, and Lee tanks carried a 37 mm cannon. I just don't know if it automatic or a manual breech loader. The P-39 that had the autoload variety had a pretty small ammo load. I can see why they might have been able to store more ammo without the autoloader, although at the expense of rate of fire.