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    "Hitler aurait eu un fils avec une Française ! Celui-ci a voulu faire reconnaître sa terrible ascendance. Avant d'y renoncer sur les conseils de son avocat et de ses enfants... Récit, photos et documents d'époque."

    EXCLUSIF LE POINT.FR. Le fils français caché d'Adolf Hitler - Le Point

    There appears to be a lawyer in this story: "Francois Gibault, Mr Loret's (the alleged son) Paris lawyer, said: "He first came to see me in 1979, but was a bit lost and did not know whether he wanted to be publicly recognised as Hitler's son, or to erase all that completely.

    "He had the feelings of many illegitimate children: the desire to find a past, however heavy, but also the fear of returning to the old routine.

    "I talked with him a lot, playing the role of psychologist rather than lawyer."

    It is suggested that Mr Loret's children could claim royalties from 'Mein Kampf'...

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    I thought it has something to do with Sarkozy when I saw the title :whom:
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      So,there's money involved. Ok,I'm descendent of Paul,the one with the light on the road to Damascus.

      I promise I won't be cheap on drinks for my wabbit friends.
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        I am a decendant of Adam - so send me money - everything belongs to me ...
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          Didn't Hitler serve in France during WW1? If so, that would be a more likely time for him to father an illegitimate child... but such a child would now be over 90 years old, if still alive.


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            "Engagé en 1914 dans l'armée allemande, le caporal Adolf Hitler combat contre les troupes françaises près de Seboncourt en Picardie. De temps à autre, les soldats sont envoyés à l'arrière pour récupérer, reprendre des forces et parfois... s'amuser. À Fournes-en-Weppe, petite ville située à l'ouest de Lille, Hitler fait la connaissance de Charlotte Lobjoie, une jeune femme d'à peine 16 ans."

            Or roughly translated: "While serving with German army in 1914 Corporal Hitler was fighting french forces around Seboncourt in Picardie. From time to time the soldiers were sent to the rear to recuperate and 'for amusing themselves' (literal translation). At Fournes-en-Weppe, a small town west of Lille, Hitler met Charlotte Lobjoie, a young girl of 16..."


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              This is from a long backgrounder on Wiki.

              In 2008, the Belgian journalist Jean-Paul Mulders traveled to Germany, Austria, France and the United States to collect DNA of the Lorets and of the last living relatives of Hitler in Austria and on Long Island. By comparing this, Mulders claimed proof that Jean-Marie Loret was not the son of Adolf Hitler.

              The results of his research were published in Het Laatste Nieuws[10], Belgium's largest newspaper. In February 2009 a book on this subject was published by Herbig Verlag in Munich: Auf der Suche nach Hitlers Sohn - Eine Beweisaufnahme. The news was picked-up by several international media, including Daily Mail, USA Today, Bild, Hürriyet and China Daily.

              In 2012, the French magazine Le Point reported a new story claiming that Loret's was Hitler's son reporting that a study by the University of Heidelberg shows Hitler and Loret have the same blood group and that another study shows they have similar handwriting. A revised edition of Loret's book Your Father’s Name is Hitler is being planned.[11]
              Jean-Marie Loret - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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                Possibly the lawyers? Anyone can do a Wiki...or am I being cynical? Hype sells.


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                  True, but the claim has been around for a long time. If you have doubts about the accuracy of the wiki page, you can check out who did it and the attributions. I'm too lazy to do it.
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                    It's like The Boys From Brazil!

                    Or perhaps not.

                    This is the Chrome translation of the Belgian journalist's article (HLN: Wetenschap - Hitler had geen joods bloed en geen Franse zoon (255073)) mentioned in Wiki:
                    Hitler had no Jewish blood and a son in France. This is apparent from an examination of journalist Jean-Paul Mulders from The Evening News. Mulders succeeded on the basis of DNA testing in get rid of these two myths. DNA The journalist went to Austria and the United States and managed to get hold of DNA from relatives of the former Führer. "In Austria live more than ten Hüttlers who, though their name is written slightly differently, directly related to Adolf Hitler," says the journalist. "And on Long Island live even just three behind him. It took some effort, but of them I got DNA to address." Y-chromosome , the Y chromosome in the Austrian and American samples showed perfectly the same. That means Hitler Hitler was indeed a real and that the rumor that he had a Jewish grandfather and would be a bastard, so wrong.


                    The other story that dispels Mulders, that Hitler would have a son fathered by a young Française and that in France today are dozens () grandchildren of the former Führer walking around, the world was sent by Professor Werner Maser, author of one of the most successful Hitler biographies in the world. Stamps Mulders managed to lay hands on old letters of the alleged son, Jean-Marie Loret, and let them analyze the stamps. "It showed that the DNA profile is significantly different from that of the American and Austrian relatives of Hitler. The Lorets in France are therefore not related to Hitler." "The DNA profile of the Austrians and the Americans, as I conveniently call , vote on 16 Y-chromosomal markers perfect match ", says Ralf Vermeulen, the biotechnologist who conducted the investigation in this case. "That can never be a coincidence. Similarly, the Y chromosome of the Frenchman clearly different. That is one hundred percent certainty is not related to the other two." (Reuters / bdr)
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                      Nice dig.
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                        Jean-Marie Loret (born 18 or 25 March 1918 in Seboncourt near Saint-Quentin in Picardie; died 1985 in Saint-Quentin) was a French railway worker and claimed to be Adolf Hitler's illegitimate son. The claim was supported by German historian Werner Maser and was widely published in the 1970s however the dominant view, as represented by historians such as Anton Joachimsthaler,[1] Timothy Ryback, and Ian Kershaw,[2] is that Hitler's paternity is impossible or unlikely.
                        ^first paragraph

                        Maser's questioning of Alice Lobjoie, Loret's aunt and Charlotte's sister, whom he had wanted to bring into play as "crown witness" for his claim, rendered, instead, a negative result: Alice Lobjoie stated that her sister had indeed entertained a love relationship with a German soldier, but she disputed vehemently that this soldier had been Adolf Hitler. She stated that she could remember the man's face quite well and knew that this face had no resemblance to Hitler's. In addition, she stated for the record:

                        "Jean is a nutcase. Only the Germans talked up that Hitler-story to him."[7]

                        Maser later attempted to dilute Lobjoie's statements in more recent editions of his book Hitler, pointing out the aunt's alleged anger at her nephew.

                        In addition to Alice Lobjoie's disclaimer, critics of Maser's thesis, such as historian Joachimsthaler, among others, introduced into the debate testimonials from Hitler's war comrades, persons, who, in their recollections of Hitler in the 1st World War, unanimously noted that he was dead-set against any relationships between German soldiers and French women. So, for example, Balthasar Brandmayer, in his memoire Two Dispatch-Runners, reported that Hitler had reacted in the most violent terms against the intent of his regiment-mates to get involved with French girls and had reproached them for having "nary any German sense of honor".[8]

                        In addition, the critics asserted logical inconsistencies in Maser's story: that it is highly improbable that any soldier in the war, let alone a private ranking low in the military hierarchy, would have been able to take a lover along through all the relocations of his regiment,
                        the wiki also seems to be saying it isn't so - it mentions the 2012 newpaper claim as one of a few sources supporting the claim.

                        Jean-Marie Loret - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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