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Britain attacks the US in 1917

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    Yeah, but she needs to maintain the defeat @ sea. That is what makes the 1917 argument - I.E an instantaneous about face against the British - more of a catastrophe for the British under those circumstances - than if the U.S had stayed out of the war and Britain had not sourced as much to feed & maintain a continental army.

    In that instance British interests are very much more invested in naval interests - hence the neutralisation of German Naval power. Probably altering the size - and structure of the RN. Probably with significant lessons being able to be applied in regards to the importance of being able to counter raiders running havok. A-la SMS Emden.
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      I'm fully agreed with you


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        ^^ My spidey sense tells me post #2 will be spam.


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          I picked #3. In 1918 most of the world was sick of war and the rest was in bed and dying of the flu. GB could have won the seas during the early stages but thats about it. America would have dove into shipbuilding and there was no way GB could have kept up. In the end the U.S. didn't want another war to it would have accepted any reasonable offer for peace. The rest of the countries would have been still be too weak to take advantage of a weakened GB navy so the empire would have remained intact.
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