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To OOE: Patton's Invasion Plan

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    I thought the origins of deep battle came from the ill-fated expedition of Napoleon into Russia where they encountered General Winter. They suffered a death blow when they had to retreat from Russia and encountered waiting Russian forces at the end of their retreat.


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      I am referring to the usage of manouver forces (aka calvary) behind enemy lines to force a change at the front.


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        War is inherantly evil. Killing fellow human beings can never be described as good no matter which side you're on.

        Jeb Stewart as a man was one hell of a son of a bitch - slave owner, racist, willing to torture any Black man to death for wearing an Union uniform.

        As a calvary leader, he was a pioneer. Without his work, there would not have been blitzkreig or deep battle.
        War's are the second greatest evil created by man, the first is any Government that destroys man's rights which throughout history has been the cause of every single war EVER.

        Yah you can still admire his military strategdy, tactics, etc but not the man.