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    Germany could have beat Russia until December 11, 1941. Despite the post war myths, the USSR was not an unbeatable colossus. The shortage of everything but blood by the end of 41 and the disruption of supply and production chains meant the USSR was dependent on Lend-Lease aid. Losing 1/4 of their aircraft, 1/10th of their tanks, 50% of their explosives, and almost all their best 4x4 trucks would have crippled the Red Army's offensive capacity. Likewise the diversion of German resources to the West helped even out the playing field in the East. Without a reasonable fear of invasion a large amount of German troops could have been shifted East, Italy would likely have remained in the war in a North African stalemate. In particular the loss of day time fighters to defend Germany now reversed by a one front war coupled with the loss of 1/4 of Soviet combat aircraft would have been a massive reversal over real history. Th real strategic blunder by Hitler was in declaring war on the US. He should have delayed as long as possible, even given up the Battle of the Atlantic if it would have bought him a year. His second biggest blunder was his fear of a volk uprising. He believed the stab in the back and kept production of consumer goods up for too long instead of shifting to a war time economy in 39, 40, 41, or even 42. Germany going full war time in 40 and not having to face in 3 directions at once would have given the troops in the east a lot more material and even fuel to work with.

    BF, gonna disagree with you. It doesn't matter how hard the Soviets trapped at Kiev fought, they were not blocking the way to Moscow, lacked the fuel, ammunition and vehicles to break out in good order and their strategic leadership was still focused on holding places rather than buying time. The diversion away from first Leningrad and then Moscow to chase after less valuable lower hanging fruit was all Hitler, not red army resistance. The Loss of Leningrad and Moscow would have forced a mass withdrawal in the center and north because there was no rail, road or river network to support them once those to places fell. Hard to see a mass counter attack coming out of the Gorky Reaches with no Moscow rail hub. At the very least the loss of all European Russia west of Gorky would have slowed the Soviets down by at last a year. If there is no Lend-Lease and no Moscow rail hub they are done.


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      Originally posted by Albany Rifles View Post

      Actual numbers....158 total with 28 Essex class Fleet carriers, 8 Independence class light carriers & 122 escort carriers (many were for RN/RCN service).

      Now let's do aircraft...the Japanese produced a little over 60,000 aircraft from 1938-45. The US produced over 89,000 1944 alone.
      If anyone's interested here's a Youtube video that shows/charts US and Japanese naval construction rates across all classes from Day 1 of the Pacific War until its conclusion. (I suggest turning up the viewing speed and turning off the Music)
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