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The War Between The States

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  • The War Between The States

    I guess the "civil" wars not over...

    STANARDSVILLE, Va. (AP) -- A judge in Virginia says it's a draw between two Union and Confederate Civil War re-enactors who got into a tussle on the battlefield.

    A judge found each man not guilty of assault on Wednesday after they pressed charges against each other over the dispute last September.

    The men were playing cavalry officers in a re-enactment of the Battle of Stanardsville. The Confederate re-enactor claims his Union counterpart knocked his hat off.

    The Confederate was accused of responding by firing a blank round from his revolver. There was no bullet, but the powder charge injured the Union re-enactor.

    Both men were on horseback and both said their actions were accidental. The judge concluded he could not find either man guilty ''beyond a reasonable doubt.''
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    Good to see the courts across the sea are being put to good use - Confederate man definitely wins 'girliest' claim, he really took this guy to court for knocking his hat off?

    Is that some gross, irrepairable insult to the Southern man? - why not just get his slave to fetch it:P?
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