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  • China a Super Power via Wal*Mart Super Centers

    Merely a personal opinion, based upon personal observation:.................>

    The title states the concept, even though it may be a bit overly bias against
    Wal*Mart; however, due to the fact that US corporation's needs and greeds,
    the "Wal*Marts* of the USA send / spend billions of dollar per day on goods
    manufactured in China; thereby, creating higher profit margins for the investors,
    and at the same time a stronger military industrial complex for the Chinese govt.

    Eventually the US and China will go toe-to-toe in some military confrontation;
    in spite of the fact that the US has been fighting the Chinese for decades i.e....
    in Korea and in Vietnam, using proxy forces.
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China Democracy Observation

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We are interested with the development of Democracy and Rule of Law in China.

1. China's establishment and improving of legal system.

2. Human Rights and Civil Rights in China.

3. Social justice and the depriviledged.
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