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Thread: Happy Passover!!!

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    Happy Passover!!!

    To all the members of WAB, of whatever persuasion, if you're gonna spend the next week munching on matza and combating constipation, then this one is for you: Have a happy and Kosher Passover, and may your four cups of wine always be overflowing!

    Seeing as I can't have any beer, whiskey, grain vodka or most other booze, I'm gonna have to ask the folks here at WAB to pick up the slack for me.

    חג שמח, Chag Sameach and Happy Holidays!

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    Happy Passover bigross. I will start picking up the slack in a few hours time.

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    Happy Passover bud!! yes, I really am back!! LOL! Yeller will be soooo sorry!

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    Did I hear someone say, 'party'?

    Happy Passover!!!!

    Now Ben, how about you tell us the significance of this day?
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    Happy Passover BR enjoy the week

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    yup , appy passout

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tronic View Post
    Now Ben, how about you tell us the significance of this day?
    Watch the epic movie "Ten Commandments".....The Jews were slaves in Egypt, and Moses was leading them in their struggle for freedom,...god sends 10 pestilances on the Egyptians and the angel of death was the last, to kill the first born in Egypt (man and animal), the Jews were told to mark their doors with the blood of a slaughtered animal then all those who had made the,...seeing this mark the angel of death would passover that house without harming anyone. After this the Pharaoh freed the Jews and Moses led them into Israel.

    BTW, the Christians also celebrate the feast of the passover as Palm Sunday (the start of the Holy Week that ends in Easter Sunday).

    Cheers!...on the rocks!!

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