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Thread: Man pulls truck with his penis

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    Man pulls truck with his penis

    A 50-year-old Californian man pulled a truck with his penis for a British film crew.

    Martial arts grandmaster Tu Jin-Sheng attached himself to the truck and pulled it several yards across a car park in Fremont.

    The Tri-Valley Herald reports that he first tied a strip of blue fabric around his penis and testicles and tugged to make sure it was on tight.

    An assistant then kicked him hard between the legs before he lashed himself to the vehicle.

    About 20 people, most of whom study Qigong, the ancient Chinese art of movement and breathing to increase energy, gathered for the truck pull.

    Jin-Sheng, originally from Taiwan, is the grandmaster of Iron Crotch, a branch of Qigong said to have 60,000 followers worldwide.

    Its practitioners are known to lift hundreds of pounds with their genitals to increase energy and sexual performance.

    A film crew from London were on hand to shoot the truck-pulling feat for a three-part series called Penis Envy, due to be broadcast next year on Channel 4.


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    I ASSURE YOU, i DO NOT envy his penis!

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    Obviously he's a disciple of the little known "CROTCHing Tiger, Hidden Dufus" form of martial arts.

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    Another of the mysteries of the Universe that I do not understand. WTF?

    Relax. It's worse than you think.

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    Some penile feat indeed!

    He could be used in Myanmar (Burma) instead of elephants for logging!

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    I guess those things have more uses than I ever imagined!
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    I'll be impressed when he pushes the truck...
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    Quote Originally Posted by highsea View Post
    I'll be impressed when he pushes the truck...
    LOL giggle snort, wipes tear from eye

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    This is absolutely crazy thing to do... i just cant think how is it possible.
    the thoughts of me replacing the man scares me too!

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