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Thread: Site Problem

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    Site Problem

    Whats up with this site?

    Whenever I log in and "post a reply" I get a you are not logged in response and unless I copy my text its lost forever.

    And that is far more than inconvenient. Even disconcerting is not a strong enough term.

    Its grossly unacceptable.

    It just happened again and naturally I had forgotten to copy my post. Which was quite long.

    And no its not my computer because it has now happened on three different computers I have access to.

    Please E-mail me when the problem is fixed.

    Good bye.

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    I've had the same problem, but I when I logged in it sent my post in, so I didn't lose it. I guess this should be in the questions forum, if a mod doesn't see this soon maybe it should be reposted up there.
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    I'll pass this along to Rochen and see what can be done about it.

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    With this software, unless you check the "remember me" button beside the log in, it will automatically log you out after a set period of time, usually and hour. So if you're typing during the period that you get locked out, it won't let you post it.
    So easy ways to prevent this.
    Check the "Remember me" box when you log in, or if you don't want to do that, remember the back function on your browser will take you back to the page you typed, irrespective of whether you're logged in or not and you can cut copy paste etc.

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