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So the mean age of fatalities in Germany is 46. In Italy is 63.
That's the mean ages for corona infections in the two countries, not for fatalities. The mean age of fatalities among Corona patients in Germany is 83, in Italy it's around 80.

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So if this is true then there is no standardised way in which countries report their stats.
There is a statistic to look at which is relatively similar in all countries: The mortality rate among those hospitalized after tested positive. There is a runaway effect within this increasing it slightly once ICU patients are triaged for lack of capacity. Italy and hard-hit areas in France are at around 12-13% due to this effect. Published numbers from Hubei were around 10%, Germany is at 8-9%.

Italy since late February only tests to confirm those cases who are hospitalized or otherwise show severe symptoms. Hence light symptom runs are not detected at all in Italy, while in Germany these make up around 85-90% of all cases.