Turkey participates in the so-called war-on-terrorism around the world. And turkish soldiers are beside american and nato-soldiers worldwide in this war.

Turkeys parliament did not agreed on 1 March 2003 to let US-led Coalition forces use Turkey as Attackground.
This was shoking. nobody expected that this resoolution wouldnt pass the turkish parliament. This resolution failed to pass because of 3 Seator-voices. SO: this resolution failed only because of 3 voices that missed.
Again, this was unexpected.
Turkey then offered Bush to take the the Resolution 2 weeks later again to the parliament. This time t would be guaranteed that the resolution would have passed.
But Bush disagreed and attacked immediately Iraq.

This was the beginnnig of a new Cold-War between Turkey and America.

Turkey and USA are allied Nato-forces. But America arrested around 15 Turkish soldiers in North-Iraq. America treated them as Terrorists, putting them bags over the head and knotted their hands.
The turkish nation is throughout history a militaristic nation, our Nation was build through Generals 80 years ago.
The people are the army....
Pissing on Turkish soldiers means pissing on the turkish nation.
Is this treating NATO-allied-forces?

Do not misunderstand me: we are not a dictatorship or so. The turkish army is the most trusted and respected Organisation in Turkey by turkish people. This is fact.

So do not put us in the same corner as the arabs, we are a western-oriented Nation. Turks generally don't like arabs and persians. I had to mention this, because i do not really know how much america is influenced since 9/11 by the Religion Christ.

So, the PKK-war has cost Turkey over 100 billion Dollar to fight. Turkey defeated PKK on turkish territory. PKK is a Terrorist Organisation. An Organisation, which is named Terrorist by the US-Administration, too.
In Turkey there are no PKK-Fighters anymore. PKK fled into North-Iraq. They have there 9 terrorist Camps and there main-camp is on the Kandil-Mountain in North-Iraq...
PKK is sickering again into turkey and bombs everywhere. They captured an Army-Soldier, are bombing in Tourist-regions and so on... over 150 Turkish Soldiers died the last months.

America as an Occupation-Force in Iraq is responsible from attacks to turkey from this occupied territory.
More than 2 years Turkey is begging America to bomb this PKK-Terrororganistation. An Organisation which is considered Terrorist by USA, too....
But it comes always the same answer: "We have no capacities to bomb PKK..."

More than 2 Years over, and not only 1 single PKK-Terrorist is killed by american-Forces...
I do not want to discuss why america isn't doing anything against PKK... The Kurds are their new Allies, and Kurds are against bombing PKK... Also the 1 March Parliament decision is responsible for this american behaviour. Rumsfeld said: " Turkey is responsible for dead american Soldiers" in a TV-Show.

I thought, The world is on fight on terrorism?

Turkey is the second largest Nato-Army... We do not need GIs to do our business...
We can do the business on our own, but general Myers says: "If turkey wants to do a cross-border Operation, the sovereign Iraq would have say much"... In Other words: America is punishing Turkey for the 1 March decision... I want to ask General Myers, what sovereign Iraq said, as GIs conquered Iraq?

The turkish nation doesn't want to take this american game anymore.
Imagine this: GIs come from the other side of the world to attack terrorist Iraq... And turkey isn't allowed to cross the border... Although PKK is a recognized Terror-Organisation by America...

This was very dumb. No sympathies anymore for America. An ended friendship which began with the Korean-war and lasted till 1 March 2003.
In Turkish nation public there is discussed to withdraw all turkish NATO-Forces which are worldwide on fight on terrorism...
Why turkish Soldiers have to risk their lives in Afghanistan to fight Terrorism, when America does't fight anti-turkish Terrorists in Iraq?

In Iraq, too. Turkish people are massacred live on video, too.

Turkish Republic does not sympathize with Terrorists whether it is religious, communist or seperatistic Terrorism.
In the opposite, turkey fights against terrorism. Where NATO Turkish Soldier take. And they are doing there Job. Took twice Afghanistan-Leadership (ISAF 2 +ISAF 3) + Somalia-Leadership.

In 1990s from Incirlik was the flight-zone to the 36 Degree in north-iraq established. In This time Turkey was fighting PKK. Also on Iraqi-Territory.
Before 2003 Turkey had a foreign policy to these regions including military actions against terrorists. Turkey has still soldiers on Iraq-Territory. about 1.500 and heavy miltary material. Turkey has a puffer-zone from iraq to turkey and it is only one frontierGate open in Habur. Turkey wants to open a new Border gate. Even this USA does not want and is telling Turkey: "would destabilize-blabla".

Immediately behind that there is the 3rd turkish Army with 150.000 soldiers.

USA is now our Neighbour. If they want they capture everyone including Saddam.
Turkey has no foreign policy to US-controlled IRAQ. But in all other Questions like Afghanistan working together remains.
Since 1 March 2003 Turkeys Foreign+Security Policy towards Iraq doesn't exist.
But we have there vital interests.
Turkey gave USA a list with 150 Leader-Names of PKK. Till Today nobody captured.

Our Army + Intelligence knows everything how much C-4 PKK have, how many PKK-Terrorists sickered from Northern-Iraq into Turkey and how much PKK remain in Northern-Iraq icluding their location.
Our Army hunting PKK-Terrosists for 6 Months again within turkish-borders.

But Turkey is not allowed to enter Iraq to kill Terrorists. But North-Iraq is PKKs Operation-center and their camps. Not on Turkish Territory.
We can hunt Terrorists so long we can. We kill 10. 10 come from Northern-Iraq.
Turkish People + Soldiers dying. Turkish Army is Turkish People / Nation.
America have all Information which they 100% have regarding PKK.
Turkish Army experienced killing terrorists.

And America is NATO-Allied, together we fight Terrorists worldwide. But in Iraq PKK remains.

Pre-emptive Strike is not USA-Patent... Israel, Turkeys Military ALLY does, too. And Turkey will also.
Turkish Military says so through Television to Turkish Nation and that USA have to act finally.

Turkish Military waiting since 1 March 2003 ... Turkish Military is rolling.
Turkish Military hunting PKK within Turkish Borders and Turkish Military will finish this PKK-Issue in North-Iraq as USA don't fight.

We are legitimated to kill those Terrorists. You come 10.000 KM to kill Terrorist, and we will kill Terrorists 700 KM away.
It is the same right. War on Terror.