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    I need a lot of help with the tactics. We all need to figure out that best way for a modern BB to fight a war. We can change this design I've posted around. I'll make alterations if someone can convince me it's better.

    Sniper, maybe you can pitch in with design data on some of those cannon shells and what not you talked about in the other thread? Ram jet shells can be fired from a 16" gun. The engine doesn't go off until mid range in flight. As long as it has the needed speed. The best method if designing a new gun system based on AGS, is liquid propellant or perhaps C4 in the right quantities. Exploding at 26,000+ fps it would be an excellent choice. If the barrles weighed 105 tons...99 tons will suffice when using a titanium liner. The common steel barrels won't work. C4 is to destructive for it to work. A titanium liner on the other's a possibility.

    Or maybe heavier barrels are needed.
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