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Thread: Take this Political test

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    Centerville-You would feel most at home in Centerville, which means that you are more or less pleased the status quo-you think the US government has just about the right amount of control over your economic and personal decisions. Your neighbors include democratic and republican party leaders and others who call themselves "moderates" and "centrists."

    EDIT: who do I have to shoot to make PFC around here? I came out of basic a PFC :-x
    Your look more lost than a bastard child on fathers day.

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    25 posts bud.

    We promote pretty fast around here.

    LOL, don't feel bad though. Officer of Engineers is a Colonel in the real world, and saddled with a mosquito wing here.

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    I wound up in centerville. I moved from "Up North" a few years ago. I guess it's environmental policy that did it...
    USS North Dakota

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stinger
    EDIT: who do I have to shoot to make PFC around here? I came out of basic a PFC :-x

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    how can i manipulate the number of posts against my nick ?? :p

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    Quote Originally Posted by Horrido

    Free markets and more personal freedoms, obviously humanity's messiah...
    YES! Go Anarcho-Capitalism!

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    " NW-You would feel most at home in the Northwest region. You advocate a large degree of economic and personal freedom. Your neighbors include folks like Ayn Rand, Jesse Ventura, Milton Friedman, and Drew Carey, and may refer to themselves as "classical liberals," "libertarians," "market liberals," "old whigs," "objectivists," "propertarians," "agorists," or "anarcho-capitalist."

    An Objectivist would say that anarcho-capitalism is a contridiction because Capitalist believe in a strong government but the Government only has one job, to protect our individual rights. Objectivist believe that libertarians are unprincipled.

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