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Thread: Got a Pet ? Post its picture !

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    sorry about Blitz Sniper, she was a beauty, I lost my springer Remus in 1987 and understand a little about how it feels, one of my worst days, I still miss him
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    on Wendesday i had to put our cat to sleep. She had almost 2 1/2 years ago a rather serious op, lost couple of rather big tumors, Unfortunately these returned and her condition got worse over time.
    She was grumpy, moody, half-wild creature, who survived amongst other things a fall from 5th floor window, got stuck inside walls several times after hunting for rats, had habit of terrorizing our female guests and hypnotizing male ones, couple of times stealing little red wine, she was also a master of projectile vomiting, and last but not least- terror of all small dogs. Of her 11 1/3 years with us, she tamed down a bit after 4th year with us.
    iīll miss her...
    one of the latest pics of her, when she had already lost so much weight, that the leash did not fit properly
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    Thanks to all of you for the kinds words, and my condolences as well for those that have lost your pet. Its something that happens all too often. I wish they all could live longer.

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    Just caught up with this thread mate. Sorry to hear about your dog. Our pets do become a special part of our lives & losing them is always difficult. There is something beautiful & uncomplicated about those relationships. I've had two cats go in the past 10 years - both lived long, happy lives. The hardest was the cat who was my Dad's. She became mine after he died, so she was a living link to him.

    I'll give my cats an extra big cuddle tonight.

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    Sadie is 9 going on 10. Sadly I know the end is closer than the beginning. In this picture she is looking rather pleased with herself. Moments after this was taken she decided to roll in something unmentionable. I hadn't planned on giving the dog a bath but I guess it was a nice day to play in the water.
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    This is my son Leo, he`s 9 years...

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    Buy Pooh, you were the best. 17 years of joy and unmatched feline dignity
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    my condolences Andery. i lost my dog chucky 2 weeks ago, he really made me happy all those 13 years, and i hope i did the same for him.
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