New Device Counters Terrorism, Keeps Troops Alive

WASHINGTON: The Army has developed a new device to thwart terrorist activities while saving service members’ lives.

The Improvised Explosive Devices (IED) Countermeasure Equipment, otherwise known as ICE, was developed by a team of engineers, scientists and Soldiers at White Sands Missile Range in New Mexico to defeat IEDs, which are the most prominent threat to deployed service members in Iraq.

The ICE device , which is roughly the size of a bread box uses commercial and military technology to thwart enemy IEDs said Maj. Raymond D. Pickering, who helped lead the ICE design team at White Sands during its development. Thousands of ICE systems are being utilized by all of the military services, and thousands of more are on order according to Pickering.

He said that the design process involved thinking like a terrorist and acting like one too – fast.

“In the old days, we fought wars by buying a tank and then the enemy would buy a tank and try to defeat ours – that whole process took years,” he said. “Nowadays, terrorists use mortar and artillery shells as weapons and trigger them with devices like a garage door opener.” Pickering said explaining that they can purchase parts on the commercial market and design new weapons very quickly.

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