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Thread: Cold War 2.0: US-China

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    I would encourage people to take a leap forward and guess what the world could look like in 2030-2040. No doubt american dominance remains for the short through medium term, even with coronavirus.

    The future will not be nukes or aircraft carriers. In will be cyber, advanced a.i., quantum computing and emerging disruptive industries centred on digital, robotic and green energy applications. China has and will steal the knowledge, they dont need to capture silicon valley with boots on the ground, or capture the oil fields of saudi arabia, they wont even need a large percentage of the worlds talent, just their intellectual property. They can focus their resources efficiently and leapfrog america to the future, skipping whole social economic trends and reach the end point first.

    I also suggest that A.I will be like nothing we have seen before, intelligence beyond human capability, augmented and fused with humans, far more powerful than any tecnology and rapidly transforming all domains, social, economic and military, if the chinese are willing to pursue these technologies no matter the cost and risk with great speed, we risk being outflanked by the CCP.

    If the CCP dont moderate and become more extreme in their world view, the risks will be very grave. We have become complacent assuming that we will always live in a world shaped by the united states and the principles they cherish. And that a risk of a dark world died in 44, 45 and 89. Given enough time, if the power continues to concentrate with the CCP and the wrong people within that party, and they continue to make the correct conccenrated economic and technology bets we will have an adversary worthy of the soviet union of 1950 and one that may dwarf it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tantalus View Post
    I would encourage people to take a leap forward and guess what the world could look like in 2030-2040.
    This dinosaur would suggest you wouldn't try to look that far. In my day, we only saw two options. A continued Cold War with hot brush wars around the globe (Vietnam and Soviet Afghanistan galore) OR WWIII. None of us saw the collapse of the USSR even three years before it happenned.

    None of us foreseen Tienamen Square and then none of us foreseen Chinese students democratic dreams being bought out by CCP dollars.

    About the only thing that I can say for certain is that any advance enough AI would sooner or later logic it out that the human race is just too ludicrous to be ruuning the world.

    All hail our Lord and Master Skynet.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Double Edge View Post
    Letting them into the WTO in 2001 was not with that aim in mind ?
    The New Opium Wars. Getting them into the WTO was in an attempt to get fair trade practices into China and hence, dollars out of China.

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