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Thread: War Crimes Justice

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    Quote Originally Posted by WABs_OOE View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by m a x View Post
    Justice is neglected and disrespected by many until it comes.
    Yes, it's called a war. ..
    Apart from the legal matters it is actually who wins a war. But as far as there are criminals from each side it is more likely those who try to prevent war

    Quote Originally Posted by WABs_OOE View Post
    ..a toothless tiger is really good for display but it ain't scaring no one and it hell ain't scaring Netanyahu. ..
    Scared, war criminals may aren't until they realize that are about to lose. Legal justice is far from animals' view of life, it ceases to breath within war times, and takes over again thereafter. ICC has never been meant for display. The announcements by federal USA and Netanyahu's Israel have already started to prove it
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    Whatever. I'll take 4000+ American nukes over ICC's toilet paper judgement anyday of the week.

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