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Thread: COVID 19: Beyond the US and China

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    Quote Originally Posted by tbm3fan View Post
    That is not my take on that. More like the people believed they were infectious while showing symptoms and they have found that you can be infectious when not showing any symptoms.
    ok that is a simpler take and I think get the scary bit now.

    The split is 80 (mild) - 15 (serious) - 5 (critical)

    It was found up to 50% and more of found positives are asymptomatic.

    It means this disease is highly infectious since the people that can spread it make up 80%

    Unlike with previous diseases where people would develop symptoms sooner, get sick and would not be able to spread the disease.

    Most people look at the 80-15-5 split and think its not too bad. 80% will recover without any treatment.

    The bad part is the 80 number that helps to spread infection faster. 10x more infectious than flu he said.

    He also mentions how the fake news starts. Media picking up on non peer reviewed research.

    Given this virus is so new, media is picking up on anything promising.

    FDA has taken the position of allowing drugs on compassionate grounds.

    Quote Originally Posted by tbm3fan View Post
    Remember we are having health care workers contracting the virus in the hospitals and all the patients there are definitely sick.
    Thing about health care workers in a hospital setting is repeated contact of the infected with non-infected. The odds of them passing the disease on are higher in such a setting. If the patients aren't also wearing masks there is a chance of them getting the disease even though they are in a different ward.

    This is where the HCQ thing started. None of the patients in the lupus ward in Wuhan central hospital contracted the disease : )

    The same problem occurs with health care workers treating covid patients. They are subjected to much higher exposure on a repeated basis to the point they are getting infected as well despite all precautions taken. I mean proper PPE and still some end up with the disease. This means there is a leak some where. That coupled with how over worked they are means their immune systems are weaker as well.
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