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Thread: Smith & Wesson

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    Go to a nearby gun range and rent some pistols to try out, Would give you an idea what you can handle and what you like or dislike. Every one is different in their own personal preferences. I prefer a wood grip over polymers but that is just me. I can handle polymers just fine (I had to when I was serving) but it's my money I'm spending.

    One more thing. Pistol shooting is a perishable skill. I have not shot my pistols in over a year. I think my groupings would be around 10-12 inches. It would take me half a day to get it back down to 3-4 inches. You will need a lot longer (weeks/months) to get it down to that level,
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    If you are only going to buy one pistol near term, I suggest the Sig Sauer P320X-Compact.

    Watch some review videos at the link.

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