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Thread: COVID-2019 in America, effect on politics and economy

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    If this creature is present in Minneapolis, and it seems that it is according to this tweet, or it is seen anywhere near the protests that are currently unfolding in the US...well, my friendly advice to the US law enforcement is : detain on site and send to maximum security prison for multiple life sentences without any chance of parole.This is the by far, the most destructive person on earth. The CANVAS virus that has been cooked in Serbia during the 90es is million times more deadly than SARS Cov 2 or Ebola.

    I freaking knew it, I knew it that they are behind it. The social media mobilizations, the synchronization, the jamming of Chicago PD radio frequencies with our pseudo folk music, it all makes sense now, the footprint is the same and so familiar, but I had to wait to for them to pop up their ugly heads to be sure. I am usually a calm person but seeing this makes my blood boil. At all costs, you must contain this threat, the future of the US is at stake.
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