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Thread: Three Americans die fighting Australian Fires

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    Three Americans die fighting Australian Fires

    It has been a difficult 12 months in Australia. On the back of a terrible drought we have had fires that have burned over 17 million hectares and taken around 30 lives. There have been plenty of sad stories, but today is perhaps the worst of them. Three brave Americans flying a C-130 have died fighting a fire south of the national Capital, Canberra. Their aircraft, owned by a Canadian company, crashed earlier today.

    The names of the three have been withheld until their families are told. We have lost a number of brave fire fighters this fire season, but there is something especially poignant about those who travel half way across the world to risk their lives in a foreign country. The international brotherhood of firefighters is a powerful thing. They travel all over the world to join their comrades fighting fires. Some never come home.

    These men died heroes. Thank you America for sending your brave men to help a friend in need. We will never forget them.

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    First Officer Paul Hudson, flight engineer Rick DeMorgan jnr and Captain Ian McBeth have been identified as the three Americans who died yesterday in a plane crash south of Canberra.

    Hudson was a 20 year veteran of the USMC, DeMorgan spent 18 years in the USAF & McBeth was a member of the Wyoming & Montana Air National Guard. Their families have been informed and are on their way to Australia to bring their loved ones home.

    They will be remembered along with three NSW firefighters who have died during the current crisis at a State memorial service in NSW on Feb 23.

    The attitude of these men was neatly summed up by another American who is here fighting fires:

    Chuck Russell, a regional fire management officer with the National Park Service in Alaska, said that, while he didn't know the three US firefighters, he and his fellow firefighters "look at it as a responsibility we have to fight fires".

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    Salute. Those men are true heroes.
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