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China Rebukes House Bill Condemning Crackdown On Uighurs | NPR | Dec 04 2019

The bipartisan bill, which passed the House in a 407-1 vote, condemns "gross human rights violations" against the Uighurs and calls for "an end to arbitrary detention, torture, and harassment of these communities inside and outside China."

The bill, which now goes to the Senate where passage seems certain, could further complicate movement toward a deal with China to end the ongoing trade war with Washington.

The measure passed Tuesday states that since 2014, Chinese authorities have detained some 800,000 Uighurs and other ethnic minorities and subjected them to brutal conditions.

The White House has not signaled whether the president will sign the bill. The Senate passed a similar measure in September. Sen. Marco Rubio, a sponsor of the bill, said, "I look forward to working with my Senate colleagues to get it passed and sent to the President for enactment."
What does this bill do ?

It also calls on President Trump to take action to sanction senior Chinese officials involved in the abuses in Xinjiang.

The measure also calls for imposing export restrictions on technologies used to surveil the minority populations.