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Thread: What happens if Pakistan collapses

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    What happens if Pakistan collapses

    A lot of discussion on this topic revolves around how to break Pakistan through war with India but very little thought is spent into what comes after. Or we talk about a nuke war and get stuck there.

    So continuing on from a previous discussion into a topic in its own right. The scenario is as economic conditions deteriorate in Pakistan. social instability rises, the state cracks down and this results in break away movements. There is no nuke war in this scenario, the Pak state is up its eyeballs in trying to keep the state intact but fails.

    Quote Originally Posted by Oracle View Post
    Our intelligences agencies would be talking to potential successors in Pakistan, months in advance. These are assets that are cultivated years before any assault takes place. We use Pushtuns and Balochis to break Pakistan.

    After breaking it up into 4 countries, we get someone we like into Pak Punjab and install him. The Pakistani population will be too bothered about where their food, water and medicines come from. Civil wars doesn't take place on an empty stomach with people nursing their limbs and lives.
    Quote Originally Posted by WABs_OOE View Post
    India is not afraid she cannot march to Islamabad. India is afraid she has to occupy Islamabad. Do you really want 200 million Pakistanis now with access to the Indian border to look for work? Do you really want another Bangladesh on your border?
    So here are some ideas. Think about the Yugoslav model. All independent countries. Is that the model we can use here ?

    In the Serbia autopsy thread Verses details how the erstwhile state of Yugoslavia broke up. Yugoslavia like Pakistan was an artificial entity created out of smaller countries. How did those countries pick up the pieces and move on. I don't think he has gone into that in his thread.

    What's interesting about this discussion is asking what next in the event of a total economic collapse. He wants war crimes trials for the Pak army for their atrocities in Balochistan, Sindh KP etc, we have to contain the nukes AND the radicals from interfering so as to prevent some emirate coming up.

    What next ? there have to be govts in exile able to take over. We have to have a clear idea of what the administration, diplomacy & security setups these states will have.

    What parts do we want ? Just PO J&K or more

    We need to have a Marshall plan in place to recover the local economies of the various regions. This way there will be no civil war. You don't get millions of people rushing towards our border either if there is a plan in place to deal with the aftermath which most discussion on the topic does not even bother getting into.

    The Brits after winning WW2 royally failed to prevent loss of life during partition. This cannot be allowed to happen in the event there is a collapse in Pakistan.

    Still with me, Oracle : )
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    Pakistan has no comparison to Yugoslavia. After Tito, you had a strongman, Milosevic, who wanted to break up Yugoslavia. You have no such person in Pakistan.

    Even then, they fought some bloody civil wars.
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