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    Common myna

    Rains are 24*7 here during monsoon, and also because of Cyclone Fani and last Wednesday afternoon my neighbour alerted me about a bird in the storm drain. That bird is tasty (flightless bird). I grabbed a stick and quickly made my way to the drain. I saw a bird, all wet, gasping for breath and trying its best not to drown. It was not that bird which I thought would be. There were like 100s of crows, gathered and screaming, free dinner for them.

    I picked it up, when my people started to shout that I have to take a bath and then get inside the house. There is a tap outside, connected to the gravity flow water tank. The bird was shivering, out of breath, and dirty. We both took a bath. I had to strip down to my underwear, the bird was naughty he/she didn't wear any. :D

    Then it was time to think what to do with it. I have never rescued a bird, and most of the times my carnivorous instincts get the better of me. So I lit up my BBQ (kind of) stove, with woods I saved (trimming plants and trees), tied a rope to one of the bird's legs and sat there. I tied a rope to its leg as it would be dark soon, and as far as I know birds can't see anything in the dark, and it would drown again/die if it tries to fly and escape. The other fear being crows surrounding me and the birdy.

    I told em' crows, there's no dinner for ya'll tonight. Below are some pics.

    Warming by the fire.

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    It got dark, so I took it inside. It was almost dry by then. It started to fly and make noise. High pitched obnoxious noise. I could sense that it was scared. They do it every morning at around 4 AM near my window, and every morning I want to kill them. This time it was different. Put some water and a mixture of crushed lentils and rice for it to eat, should it get hungry.

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    Next morning, its partner, and its relatives came and all of them were making a lot of noise, I couldn't sleep, and finally got up. Did my usual morning routine, and took one of my socks (protection from bird bite) and wore it around my hand to release the bird. I cut the rope, and let it loose. It flew some distance, started shaking its body, did an about turn (thanking me probably or cursing me for the night of bondage), then flew away. Around 15 aerial meters in its flight, it was joined by its partner. Loved that view.

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    We call this bird 'shalik'. Its English name is common myna. They are in the lacs here, with its nasty voice, they are annoying. But I'd save it again if I have another chance. This world belongs to them equally as it belongs to us.
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