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Thread: Indian Defence News & Discussions

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    Quote Originally Posted by Double Edge View Post
    If they're going to be sending missile making equipment why do it via India ?!?
    Perhaps, they thought India wouldn't know, and customs got a tip off. Perhaps, the ship's crew had an emergency and needed to berth.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Oracle View Post
    I read this exact news a while back, this is definitely not news of February. Something's cooking, I don't know exactly what.
    I didn't understand that underlined bit ?

    Let's go with the word cooking and what mind games we can play with it.

    Both China & the Paks will be watching Trump's visit. What he says and what gets agreed to.

    That we have this development is good timing.

    China is an issue otherwise Trump would not bother to come over. He wants a closer relationship with India.

    Watch China's reaction in the coming weeks and months.

    American interest in India is because of China. Goes right back to independence and Truman.

    US China policy shaped US India policy and India's perception of China affected how it dealt with the US.

    So China shapes and influences US - India relations

    When China ceases to be a problem then Americans lose interest in India.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Oracle View Post
    I had venison some months back. Think I told you that. Went for a hunt etc. The other thing is tortoise, damn tasty meat. Tortoise meat is hard, so it's imperative to boil it properly, and garam masala is needed a wee bit more.

    Anteaters are very tasty meat too. My dad, when I was a kid used to buy the tail for it had only meat.

    Buffalo, cooked properly tastes just like mutton.

    Wild hog, very less fat, and more muscle. Damn tasty. I have eaten jackal too when I was a kid, don't remember the taste now.

    Porcupine is tasty meat too. Lots of other meat I'm forgetting. I can talk about meat all day. Meat is like therapy for me. We should have a meat thread in here. :D
    You have a taste for the exotic, the only game i've had is venison & pheasant and that bird still had shot pellets in it you had to mind for while chewing.

    The anteater part has me curious. See, there was this US naval pilot tasked with enforcing a NFZ over Serbia in the 90s. His plane was hit by a SAM and he had to survive for at least five days in the wild behind enemy lines all the while evading Serbian search patrols until he could be evacuated. They made a movie about it with Owen Wilson in the lead role as Navy pilot & Gene Hackman

    Now, the movie was based on the book this pilot wrote but wasn't exactly true to it. There was some tiff and ended in an out of court settlement between him & the movie studios.

    But in the book, he mentions he survived for five days by eating ants. He said a pound of ants has more protein than a pound of beef.

    I'd imagine anteater would be high quality protein in the jungle with nothing more appetising to be had.

    Most non-veg people think meat comes from supermarket shelves. Dogs and Pigs are considered as haram in Islam. Both animals that can sit on their hind legs, this a practising muslim told me.

    The difference I think, is the psychology of fear that tribals espouse. Nobody knows them or their culture that closely, but many do know a century back Nagas were head-hunters. If that's doesn't chill your bones, you need to spend some time with me and my friends in the middle of nowhere, foxes howling, hills surrounding, and people getting drunk and sleeping with a khukri at arm's length. These people don't fear tigers or leopards roaming in the hills, or bear attacks, and they get drunk and sleep peacefully. I had to get drunk, after so many years, to hide my fear, and get some sleep. Pussy me. :D By the time I woke up, they had already killed a rat snake and put it up for breakfast. I witnessed only the skin, and some sounds earlier when the snake was passing by. Poor snake.

    Do you remember the Muslim guy from Assam lynched in Dimapur? Muslims created a lot of hue and cry that they will have revenge. I see no revenge. On the contrary, Nagas keep coming to muslims dominated places, and do business.

    If a community is known for violence, all other communities leaves them alone. That is a FACT. You won't even see Hindus fighting or wanting to fight the Nagas. :D
    What if it isn't fear that that Kashmiris feel towards Nagas but respect ?

    Nagas aren't the kind to submit. As far as they're concerned Indians are just the latest in a string of invaders that is trying to subjugate them. They've been fighting outsiders a lot longer than Kashmiris who are rank novices in comparison.

    White face, brown face equals not a Naga face equals resist. If ever we were to make peace with these people it was with Article 371

    The FATA lot are no different.

    Wanted to reply for ages but kept forgetting : )
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    Am making the point if India could handle all those NE rebels over the decades then Kashmir isn't going to be that hard : D

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