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Thread: Indian Defence News & Discussions

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    Quote Originally Posted by Double Edge View Post
    If they're going to be sending missile making equipment why do it via India ?!?
    Perhaps, they thought India wouldn't know, and customs got a tip off. Perhaps, the ship's crew had an emergency and needed to berth.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Oracle View Post
    I read this exact news a while back, this is definitely not news of February. Something's cooking, I don't know exactly what.
    I didn't understand that underlined bit ?

    Let's go with the word cooking and what mind games we can play with it.

    Both China & the Paks will be watching Trump's visit. What he says and what gets agreed to.

    That we have this development is good timing.

    China is an issue otherwise Trump would not bother to come over. He wants a closer relationship with India.

    Watch China's reaction in the coming weeks and months.

    American interest in India is because of China. Goes right back to independence and Truman.

    US China policy shaped US India policy and India's perception of China affected how it dealt with the US.

    So China shapes and influences US - India relations

    When China ceases to be a problem then Americans lose interest in India.
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