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    When the SC found no basis in the opposition's charge of corruption with the Rafale, said parties then filed a review petition which has been rejected again

    A politically motivated false campaign is a false campaign. It does not matter how many times you make the SC review its judgement, the result will be the same. And i'm under no illusions had Congress been the one to initiate the Rafale deal it would then be the BJP pushing this BS !!!

    What is the result ? defense acquisitions of big ticket items will be stymied.

    Rafale verdict will strengthen govt hands in future defence purchases | Moneycontrol | Nov 14 2019

    To be clear, while the Rafale deal was clean, there was much that could have been used to grill the Air Force with. For example, the way the Air Force diverted a large quantity light fighter replacement contest to a heavy fighter, and chose an unaffordable fighter that could only be procured in limited numbers was a blunder. However, blunders and misjudgement are not crimes.

    What the corruption allegations have done is given a halo of invincibility. The verdict is a much-needed boost that will strengthen the government’s hands in future purchases. Contrast this with Bofors — the scandal that dealt a body blow to defence modernisation in the 1980s. The question is will the Rafale acquittal lead to a course correction and economically-feasible purchasing, or will it lead to hubris and binge spending on weapons we can't afford?
    There is no shortage of opinion on what fighter jet we must not get. AIM says Rafale was too expensive. Or there is the we should be building more LCA's instead line. Then there is we should be getting F16's line.

    The IAF has chosen Rafales and that is the end of it.

    He leaves the impression that the French got their fingers burnt in this deal by being misrepresented and dragged through the mud.

    Heh, they know what politics is like. They bagged a multi-billion deal with the possibility of more. I think the French will get over this.

    What will be of relief to both the French and the business community will not just be the verdict, but also the refusal of the court to overstep its mandated authority. Perhaps, most importantly, the speed at which the hearings were completed and judgment delivered came as a pleasant surprise in a country prone to chronic case pendency and judicial delays.

    In a sense, then, at least some positive has come of this entire sordid episode. Foreign vendors, governments and local industry, who regularly and bitterly complain that it is the single-biggest risk to be factored into their bottom lines, can now look upon this judgment as boosting their confidence in dealing with the Indian defence market.

    However, the fact remains that one salutary judgment alone will not change the impression of India's defence market being an endemic cesspit of high volatility and whimsical personality-driven decision-making. Till that is sorted out, expect to see more such scandals — real or manufactured — erupt.
    Any one who bags a big arms deal with India knows that
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