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So that's why they've been so helpful. They help us with our terror problem in exchange for cooperation with theirs.

It's not just us, others as well.

What do you think ?
As far as FP of India is concerned, we should go ahead and stop buying oil from Iran (Dharmendra Pradhan did say we have other sources for oil) and notify Tehran of the same. All of these countries have proxies and are terorrist churners. We need to realise that we cannot do squat by ourselves, and when America has upped the ante, we should side with the Americans to clear these proxies one muslim country at a time. KSA, Pakistan - their time will come too. India just has to remain patient. Oh, and fly an experienced diplomat to Tehran to negotiate about how India still wants the Chabahar project to continue, while trying to score some more points with the US (defence tech, Pak terrorism). The more, the merrier.

I still see Paks moaning about Bolton's 'India has the right to self-defence'. But I don't see Paks changing tracks.