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Thread: 2019 American Political Scene

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    Quote Originally Posted by Double Edge View Post
    Its these small margin wins where i think electronic voting may be vulnerable. Few hundreds to low thousands. This means elections at the local level could be more susceptible say city municipal level but harder for state or nation wide.

    Having said that we recently had a state election get decided over as little as 5000 votes that is for a total count of over 40 million. I was amazed it came down to the line that close !! First past the post system can do that some times. Have you ever had a national election get decided on such a thin margin ?
    Yes, several. In 1961 the conservative Menzies government secured its majority by 130 votes in a single seat - ironically the result of a handful of preference votes from the Communist Party. In 2010 the parliament was hung, with the ALP & LNP having the same number of seats. I don't have seat by seat breakdowns, but I will guarantee you there were seats decided by a few hundred votes.

    In my home state the 1999 election was effectively decided by 16 votes in one seat. I am certain other states have had similarly close votes at various times. Fortunately our systems are sufficiently robust that people respect the result.

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    Since the discussion has veered towards voter fraud, adding to what DE said: The land of a million polling stations: India's general election by the numbers

    New Delhi, India (CNN)With general elections due by May, India will embark on the world's biggest exercise in democracy over the coming months.

    Here are the key numbers to consider as hundreds of millions of Indians prepare to decide who governs them for the next five years.

    — 875 million
    The size of the electorate. The last time India voted to choose a new national government, more than 830 million people were eligible to vote -- and more than 550 million cast their ballots. India's election authorities say that number will swell to 875 million this time round.

    — 545
    The total number of seats in the Lok Sabha, the lower house of parliament. Of these, two are filled by nominees from the Anglo-Indian community. For the rest, each seat represents a geographical constituency. The party that wins a majority of seats forms the government. If no single party wins enough seats, a coalition of parties can come together to govern and choose the Prime Minister.

    — 1 million
    The number of polling stations. Coordinating more than 800 million voters is an incredible logistical challenge -- and that includes setting up a million polling stations across the country to make sure all those who are eligible to vote, can.

    — 10 million
    Ensuring the integrity of the voting process also means deploying vast human resources. That includes an army of election officials. In fact, authorities say more than 10 million election officials will be managing the polling as it unfolds over several weeks.

    — 464
    The total number of political parties that participated in India's last general election, back in 2014. While a handful of national parties -- including Prime Minister Narendra Modi's Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and the principal opposition Congress Party -- tend to dominate in New Delhi, smaller parties often exert great influence in different regions. In the event of a hung parliament, they also play a defining role in the formation of a coalition government.

    — 8,251
    The total number of candidates fielded by different parties across India during the 2014 contest. The number reflects both the vastness and diversity of India's political system, with hundreds of parties -- representing people with varying cultures and customs -- contesting.

    — 282
    In 2014, the BJP won 282 seats in the Lok Sabha, the largest majority commanded by a single party in 30 years. With its allies, the party sailed comfortably past the 300 mark -- a reflection of the popularity of its leader Modi, who became Prime Minister, and who will be seeking re-election this year.
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    "Take heed, my lord, the welfare of us all Hangs on the cutting short that fraudful man." Shakespeare Henry Vl

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    I recommend these Ladies 'Gaslit Nation' podcast; bit extreme at points but very insightful:

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