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Thread: I'm Back. Life after the storm

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    Hope you are doing okay.

    What's your workload like?
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    Yea, Pretty bad. We get annoyed down here when we read comments about "Build better houses..." It seems like people think a Hurricane is nothing but a big thunderstorm.

    Hurricane Michael was a Cat 5 storm with 161 MPH sustained winds. Those winds lasted, in Mexico Beach for 4 hours. As a reference, thats the same as a high EF-3 Tornado. Tyndall recorded gust above 200 MPH. Thats a EF-5 tornado.

    And add 12ft of water (storm surge) on top of it.

    Work load has slowed down since the beginning. FEMA sent in massive amounts of contractors that do nothing but storm debris removal. Most of the people I talked to had came straight from the Hurricane in North Carolina.

    So a straight 40 hr work week. They also realized that we needed time off. It took a couple of people quitting for them to figure that out though.

    But all the FEMA contractors pull out Friday. And there is still a lot to be done. Its going to take years to get the infrastructure back. Duke power has put us an awesome updated power grid together. The telephone/communication companies are rewiring every junction/splice box box. Everyone has water and sewer, but there are leaks everywhere. We are working on that, Replacing every street, stop and speed limit sign, reestablishing ditches. Fixing roads And still debris all over the place.

    There is "Job security" for at least a decade.

    Bay and Gulf county has become one big RV park. Give at a few years and you will be able to get an RV cheap
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