Huo works very closely with the PRC representatives in New Zealand. In 2014, at
a meeting to discuss promotion of New Zealand’s Chinese Language Week (led by
Huo and Johanna Coughlan) Huo said that "Advisors from Chinese communities
will be duly appointed with close consultation with the Chinese diplomats and
community leaders."Huo also has close contacts with the Zhi Gong Party 致公党
(one of the eight minor parties under the control of the United Front Work
Department). The Zhi Gong Party is a united front link to liaise with overseas
Chinese communities, as demonstrated in a meeting between Zhi Gong Party
leaders and Huo to promote the New Zealand OBOR Foundation and Think Tank.

It was Huo who made the decision to translate Labour’s 2017 election campaign
slogan “Let’s do it” into a quote from Xi Jinping (撸起袖子加油干, which literally
means “roll up your sleeves and work hard”). Huo told journalists at the Labour
campaign launch that the Chinese translation “auspiciously equates to a New Year's
message from President Xi Jinping encouraging China to ‘roll its sleeves up’.”
However, inauspiciously, in colloquial Chinese, Xi’s phrase can also be read as “roll
up your sleeves and fuck hard”
and the verb (撸) has connotations of

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