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Thread: Chinese actions in the South China Seas

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mithridates View Post
    You can say that again. Mao's sole surviving non-defective son died in that war. That's the equivalent of Al Gore dying in Vietnam, but a much bigger deal, since Al Gore Sr wasn't an emperor. Plus, Mao, Son of Heaven in all but name, literally had power of life-and-death over anyone in China. Mao's son may have died because Chinese commanders erroneously expected a rerun of the denouement of the Chinese Civil War, where their capitalist running dog opponents would give ground easily and surrender en masse. Despite being posted in the rear at PVA HQ, as befitting the Crown Prince, he fell victim to a UN airstrike.
    Be careful when discussing Mao Zedong in 1950-53. He was first among equals then, and not until after the 8th National Party Congress (1956) was he anything more. Mistakes he made pre-8th required self-criticism, which did not happen later, even after the Great Leap Forward.
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    Coming from a thief, isn't that precious...
    Well as the saying goes "It takes one to know one"

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